The Hidden Secret of Activated Charcoal in Beauty Products

The Hidden Secret of Activated Charcoal in Beauty Products

Activated charcoal, the myth, the legend, the magical ingredient. Have you been seeing this in the cosmetic aisles recently and wondering what it is? Is someone collecting people's leftover BBQ coal and adding it to shampoos and soaps? 

In short, no. Activated charcoal is made by processing a high carbon material at very high temperatures and then "activating" it with steam or hot air. This process increases the material's surface area and pores, so it can bind to and absorb many types of liquids and gases.

Conventionally, activated charcoal is used in medical emergencies to alleviate someone who has overdosed and as a tool to purify water. But only recently has it made it onto the beauty market, and we are here to tell you, its benefit. 





What is Charcoal Infused Soap?

Dr. Hempster's Anti-Sweat & Acne Body Wash is a charcoal-infused soap. Charcoal soap is a detox megastar that draws pollutants, bacteria, and toxins from the body. It is an excellent addition to your skin routine. Most notably, activated charcoal can prevent and treat acne, stem signs of aging, and treat psoriasis and dandruff. And to top it off, it's suitable for all skin types. So, no surprise that it has taken the beauty product market. 


Acne Control

Acne is generally caused by excess skin oil on the face, which leads to pores being blocked. The good news is that when activated charcoal is a part of a face wash, it can significantly treat acne and pimples. The charcoal absorbs excess facial oil and blemish-causing toxins within the skin, leaving the face clean and pure. 


Tighten Skin Pores

Loose skin pores are a common symptom that people experience and can be caused by maturing skin, damaging UV rays, and exposure to dust and smoke. Consequently, the skin will appear less smooth and stretched out. Dr. Hempster's Anti-Sweat & Acne Body Wash will extract dirt and grime naturally from your pores and, over time, reduces their size.


Alleviates Dandruff

There's nothing more frustrating than having an issue with dandruff, and those white specks on your shirt or top can be one's nightmare. Luckily, activated charcoal naturally treats dandruff and a dry scalp. So, next time you notice dandruff, use Dr. Hempster's Anti-Sweat & Acne Body Wash.


Treats Psoriasis

People with sensitive skin conditions, such as psoriasis use charcoal soap to help ease symptoms. Activated charcoal soap helps detoxify the skin. Acting as an exfoliant, charcoal removes toxins and bacteria from the skin, leaving it feeling clean without using any harsh chemicals. 


Good For Eczema

Eczema, those red itchy patches on your skin. When activated charcoal is applied to the skin, it detoxes and removes toxins, excess oil, and bacteria. It allows the skin to feel clean without the use of harsh chemicals. 


Anti-Aging Properties

Have you noticed your skin aging? Many people fret over this issue and try different and often expensive treatments that usually don't work—but activated charcoal can. Dr. Hempster's Anti-Sweat & Acne Body Wash naturally tightens pores and reduces inflammation, leaving your skin looking youthful and bright. 


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