About the Dr.

Dr. Hempster is not a person. It is a standard of quality we LIVE by.

My name is Jack and my friend Joe and I have always shared a passion for nature and her beauty. We love to explore the extra ordinary and in doing so we discovered the magic of Hemp.

“Hemp seed oil has such a densely packed nutrition profile, it boggles the mind how such a plethora of health benefits are all encapsulated in one basic natural compound”.  says Joe. Nobody says it better. That’s why hemp is rapidly becoming the world’s most celebrated natural ingredient.

We decided that Hemp is a treasure too precious to keep to ourselves. After years of scientific research we’ve developed sublime products that not only harness the power and glory of Hemp. We have infused our problem solving products with some of Earth’s most potent essential oils and nutrient rich ingredients.
We proudly offer you a line of super premium health and beauty aids that enrich both body and soul. Treat and pamper your head. Bliss your shoulders knees and toes.

We Live in and love Queens, NY.